Friday, 20 June 2008

Sleep Deprivation...

My mind refuses to switch off, I'm lying in bed and it's currently 2:52am *sigh... Am sure my head shouldn't be working this hard right now! Maybe transferring all the thoughts I have swirling around will enable me to drift off... Well one can all but hope. It's funny the things you do to amuse yourself though at times like these, personally I like to find my camera and get naked- a sin I'm sure but honestly you should try it sometimes, it leads to a lot of interesting moments! Dare to bare! It makes for a far more uninhibited life ...

UPDATE: Obv sleep wasn't that hard to find as it's now 22/06/08 17:36

It's been a hectic weekend indeed. Ran up to London for some houseparty that ended up being a trifle dull! Who in their right mind has lights on at these kinda things, like seriously surely that only restricts the goings on! And with more penises than anything else felt like it was feeding time at the Zoo as they all swarmed in for the kill! I went to go see Mr Accountant as he was the one hosting... was kinda hoping I'd get to spend some proper time with him but with all the "sausagemeat" around and the need to be discrete all I got was a mere two mins and a brief whisper of "If only we were alone" as he disappeared into the throng.

I think to date, he is one of the best fucks I have ever had! Twas such a shame to walk away and not leave with that normal feeling of utter satisfaction I get.  Girls you know I'm sure, that "dazed, unable to get the smile of your face, if only you could be in me permanently" kinda feeling... Mmmmmm. Better luck next time I guess.

I did get laid these weekend though. And twice to boot. I stayed with Mr X's ex-flatmate. A lil' trifling I know as I'm SO still feeling Mr X right now and talk to him like everyday but I did try I promise. When we got back from the house party (I was crashing at his place) I fought him off so hard intially, fell asleep on the blow up bed that was placed in the living room only to be woken up with something hard pressed up against me. Ignoring it at first, this "thing" then proceeded to grow harder and harder and try as I might it intrigued me. Lifting me up and carrying me to the main bed, OG pinned me to the bed and stipped me in a slow and agonisingly frustrating way. I've been with him before it's true but each time it still surprises me when he presents "himself". FUCK ME! I swear no-one should be that well endowed. It hurts for Chrissakes! There is no way in hell that boy will ever ever get close to me unless I'm absolutely prepared for it and by prepared I mean there has to be a "river" running before he can start to cross. 

And the boy knows this for sure, he spent an eternity probing with his fingers. Exploring every internal wall he could find and then stroking till I murmered with satisfaction