Thursday, 19 February 2009

Diary of a Mad Black Woman!

THE INTRO: Presenting Mr T

Oh what a beautiful specimen of a man: tall, dark, handsome and with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my adult life. If I could have taken a composite of lots of different people and made my ideal this is what it would look like, well the face at least, he was a touch skinny but fuck who cares, ladies I present to you a pretty boy, what was to be MINE but oh what an assumption to make! For this one can't be tied down, won't be tied down and will do his best to let you know at every available opportunity crushing what little you have left of your soul bit by bit... If only I'd known this for the start, maybe I would have locked my heart away and spared myself all the heartache the past 7 months has given. Yes I'm mad but more so I'm hurt... My spirit has been crushed, they say karma is a bitch eh?! Well maybe this is my punishment for playing with men over the past couple of years... *sigh