Sunday, 21 December 2008

My Night(mare)

Waking up, I had a hideous flashback of the previous night. What had started out as an innocent birthday get together had so throughly backfired on my ass! Kicked out of a club, OMG what is the world coming to... Had I honestly consumed that much alcohol?? Surely not! I'm a good girl after all and good girls do NOT sink down to such levels.

I lost a solid three hours of my life, no recollection, no way of piecing together what happened. One minute I was with friends and the next lying awake in my bed trying to fight off the music resonating in my head and stop the tingling in my skin as what alcohol left in my system tried to fight its way out. But what happened if something more drastic had happened, if no friends had been around, if no-one had been there to put me in a taxi and prop me up against a wall? What a frightening thought. Alone and out of my mind, I'm sure that unfortunately there are men out there willing to take advantage of such a situation and have fun with the "good time" girl sitting in the corner...

No more I say! I need to stay in complete control, I felt lost and that is not a feeling I want to experience any time soon. Lesson learned! Better this way than any other...

Signing off for now! Still in recovery and sleep is calling be back soon, so many tales to tell of my escapades in the last few months.

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