Saturday, 17 May 2008

Conflicted Much?!

Oh dear, I seem to make a hash of things these days, I'm thoroughly conflicted!! In fact I think conflicted isn't even strong enough a word... What to do? Lemme explain my dilemma...

Fancy this, I think I could be falling in love, and falling fast at that!! That icky sticky feeling you have when you know you want to be around someone more than you would say a friend. I'm have this feeling that this could actually mess up the illogical mess that happens to be my life right now. Do I need any more complications, seriously now, I need to snap out of this already.

I've been talking to Mo for the past little while since he went back now (he lives in Barcelona) and am finding it harder to resist his charms. But we are in such different places right now that I'm sure our paths could ever really meet properly. Friends with benefits... I think that's what you could call us right now but in my head am not sure that's enough anymore. I love that we play with each other and can normally separate that from feelings but surely the fact that I now react when he talks of his other female "friends" speaks volumes...

He doesn't even live in the effin country - oh my lord! Heaven help, I pray that this boy isn't the one that breaks me, give me strength...

He's back again in a couple of day I need to get my mind off this like yesterday, there's only one cure... I need to get laid and fast. Maybe I'll call Mr "Suck it Bitch" again and see if he fancies redeeming himself.

UPDATE: 18/05/08, 23:45pm

Must say am feeling a little more at ease now... It really does help to blow off some steam sometimes (no pun intended)! With the kind of evening I've had let's hope it helps to calm my urges for a couple more days.

P.S. Lookie see what the lucky boy got to play with...


I love the way he throws me around - I'm his lil' toy and with him I love how we can role play. He treats me like a dirty whore he's hired for the night who's there to do his bidding and I love it. He's the only one I currently do that with and it's a turn on everytime. Enter Mr "Suck it Bitch" again. I normally either come dressed up in one outfit or another, it's such a major turn on for me. This time though I resisted the urge to and simply baby oiled every inch of my body up put on my sexiest black heels and Mac and headed out the door.

As I arrived at the door of his apartment, I was welcomed with a half smirk. As he led me down the corridor, his eyes tracing their way up and down my body longing for a peek at what was hiding beneath my coat.

We entered the bedroom. I turned around and dropped my coat seductively to the floor, peeking over my shoulder at him as he sat on the bed. I couldn't have felt more naked, his eyes baring down on me, moving slowly up my body. I could feel the wetness develop between my thighs. As I sauntered over to him I wrapped my loins around his making sure he got a good look of my breasts in the process. I came in gently at first and heard a strangled moan as he felt my tongue tentatively touching his lips, carefully sliding inside his mouth only to withdraw again, leaving him hanging. His own tongue darted out to taste mine. He tasted like cigarettes. Breaking the rhythm, I finally gave up my teasing games and kissed him in earnest, my grip on his crotch tightening to provide more friction.

We kissed as though our lives depended on it, heavy breathing, panting and hands that were once on his crotch made their way unknowingly to grab his broad shoulders, waist and tangle up in his hair. Control lost, I frantically sucked, kissed, and nibbled on every inch of him I could get my hands on feeling the heat between our bodies increase as we grinded on one another.

As his hands wandered down to my ass, I took this as a sign to proceed. My hands moved down to his torso I came upon the guardian of my salvation. Undoing his zip, I set the beast free and bwoy did it look hungry.

“Down,” he whispered, gently dragging me to the floor. After I removed his boxers, my mouth teased playfully with his manhood. I wrapped my tits around his cock and slid them up and down watching in earnest as his body began to contort in pleasure. This was closely followed by my mouth... I've always been a fan of giving head, I just can't seem to get enough of it. Give me a good enough dick and I can play for hours. Don't worry for all you voyeurs out there will explain my tricks later ;)

With his cock up and ready for action, I needed him in me. Surely it was now his turn to play. Crawling onto the bed, I looked over to him challenging him to match my display. And without hesitation he pounced. Spread my legs with willful abandon and holding them over his shoulders rammed me with such force I had to take a very deep breath in.

With some wild, impolite thrusting I felt him grow harder inside me, the soft moaning was now replaced with the sounds of "Oh yeah... ahhhh... baby... and that pussy feels so good..." Almost climaxing myself and my head thrown back, the shudder I had long been expecting came and pulling out of me he positioned me face first on his lap, slapping his dick against my face and tongue. And with that the smooth silky conclusion to our encounter spilled sexily all over my breasts...

Time for round two?!


UnNaked Soul said...

OMG!!!! very brave girl! *wink*

Jaguda said...

And with that the smooth silky conclusion to our encounter spilled sexily all over my breasts...

good writing skills

Anonymous said...

very brave and unafraid t bare... it was well worth the read!

T & T